Coronado Crown Club

Updated July 2019

Couples on the Wait List as prescribed in Article IV, Section 7 will be able to attend the Christmas Dance and the February dance without being invited by a member couple.  Invitations will be sent to all Wait List couples for December and February along with invitations to Member and Associate couples. Wait List couples may not bring guests with them.

Couples on the Wait List are also allowed to attend any dance (except the June dance which is for members only) when invited by a member couple.  No member couple may invite the same Wait List couple more than twice a season. Associate Members, who are widows or widowers, may attend the June annual meeting with one non-voting guest.

Members bringing two guest couples are eligible for a pre-reserved table at our dinner dances. Members bringing a guest couple to a “random draw seating” dance, will be seated with their guests. Please notify our Social Chairs by phone or email to let them know about your guests. Place cards for all other members and their guests at “open seating” dances will be available for placement at a table any time after 5:30pm on the night of the event.