Coronado Crown Club

Updated July 2019

Dance Committee Chairpersons’ Instructions

Dance Committee Chairpersons' Instructions

Initial Meeting of the Committee

Arrange to have all Committee members and the Social Chair Couple meet six weeks prior to the scheduled dance.  This allows time for the Board to review the plans and invitation.

Decide on theme (if desired), menu, and attire. Assign Committee duties:

  • Decorations/Centerpieces*
  • Invitations (Because some members have problems opening files created on a Mac, it is preferable that the invitation should be created on a PC and saved as a .jpg or a .pdf file.)*
  • Nametags*
  • Place Cards (includes name and menu selection)*
  • Reservations (Couple must be able to electronically enter data into Excel spreadsheet and be available the weeks before the dance.)
  • Reception Table: 5:30-7:30 pm*

*See descriptions on separate sheets in this notebook.  It is suggested that these sheets or copies of them be given to the appropriate couples the night of your Committee meeting.

The Club Treasurer will give the @234.00 to each dance committee to be spent on decorations with the understanding that any unused funds may be redistributed among the committee or donated to an organization of their choosing.

Note that if a couple is unable to work on their scheduled month, they must trade with someone from another month. It is their individual responsibility. Changes must be reported to the Social Chair.

Committee Chairman

Either the Committee Chairman or a Committee member needs to obtain menu information from Dorene Bailey at Coronado Golf Course, (619-522-7914), or from pending contact person to be designated for Coronado Community Center, so the Committee can select the menu at its first meeting.  Limit menu selection to two entrées plus a vegetarian option. Cost of the dinner per couple is predetermined at the Coronado Golf Course. It is recommended that no special desserts are selected there because cost is an additional $3/person. Cost of the dinner per couple is NOT predetermined with the Community Center catering. Therefore, the Committee Chairman needs to request Board assistance to determine menu possibilities.

The Social Chairman will contact the Golf Course with room setup requirements and final reservation numbers.  The Dance Committee Chairman of the appointed month will contact the point person for the Community Center dances with room setup requirements and final reservation numbers.  Round tables used will have seating for 8. We are able to have as many round tables as needed with a smaller table used for the remaining numbers. Contact the catering or banquet manager about two weeks before the event to discuss and select red and white wines for dinner. Remind manager at Golf Course to have food containers on hand for those who wish to take their meals home.  Dinners at the Community Center require take-out containers. The Club provides the take-out containers and the Social Chair Couple has them in the storage locker.

Note that the Crown Club Vice President schedules the band and should be contacted for music requests.  The Dance Committee as a whole may put together a list of suggested songs for the band with the understanding that the band may already have their own song list.

Please note if there is any special requests or concerns with the Golf Course, please contact the Social Chair. Our goal is to keep phone calss and emails to a minimum to the Gold Course.

Monday Evening or Tuesday Morning Before Dance

The Social Chairman will call the Golf Course caterer with the final attendance count and entrée selections. The Dance Committee Chairman must call the point person for the Community Center with the final attendance count and entrée selections.  Remind Banquet Manager that tables must be set-up for final attendance count plus four extra place settings. Completed reservations spreadsheet is provided to Committee Chair Couple, Nametag Couple, Place Card Couple, President Couple and Social Chairman and Secretary on Monday before the dance.

Few Days Before Dance

Notify all Committee members to be at dance site for set-up at 4:30 PM (no earlier) for decorating. There is a fee of $175 to arrive earlier than 4:30 PM.

Be sure nametags have been picked-up by Nametag Couple from Social Chair Couple.

Social Chair Couple can supply vases, votive candleholders (but not candles), centerpiece mirrors, and other decorations (see inventory).

Be sure the Committee couple preparing place cards has reservation list for indicating entrée choice on each place card.

Day of Dance

All committee members are expected to help with decorating of the dinner/dance. The caterer will have set up the tables.

Emphasize to the caterers the absolute necessity of adhering to the designated meal selections on the place cards so that guests served last will receive their ordered menu choices.

All dance committee members are expected to be at the dance venue 15 minutes before the cocktail hour to explain (if necessary) to any arriving guest whose place card has been moved from the reception table to a dining table where his/her place card can be found. Specific committee members must be assigned to be at the reception table for the duration of the cocktail hour to help with any issues.

Keep entertainment to about 10 minutes.

All decorations must be removed after the dance, and the room left as you found it.  Do not clean up until the band has stopped playing for the evening.

After Dance

Complete Dance Committee Report Form and provide copies to President and Social Chair Couples by the Tuesday afternoon after the dance for discussion at Board meeting.

Return Dance Committee Chairman’s Notebook, nametags, and leftover tent cards to the Social Chair Couple.  Return Crown Club owned decorations to the Social Chair Couple. Candle votive holders, vases, and mirrors must be cleaned before returning. Note: Because of limited storage space, any new decoration items purchased for the dance by the Committee need to be given away (perhaps to committee couples or to some attendees at the dance by raffle).


Invitations are emailed by the Crown Club Secretary.

Because of requirements for posting the invitation on the Crown Club web site, and difficulty found by some in opening files in some formats, the invitation needs to be submitted as a .jpg file and a .pdf file.  The file may be created using MS Word and should be maintained by the designer in that format until all final adjustments have been made.

Invitations must include the following:

  • Crown Club (in title)
  • Date of Dance: Day, Month, and Year
  • Time for cocktails 6:30 PM and dinner at 7:30 PM.
  • Location
  • Theme
  • Dress (semi-formal, formal, theme, etc.); the December and June dinner-dances are traditionally formal
  • Band
  • Dinner menu choices
  • Cost ($110/member couple & $135/associate, wait list or guest couple)
  • Reservation couple’s name, address & phone number
  • Checks payable to Crown Club to include entrée choice of each person noted on the check.
  • Checks due no later than 5 PM the Monday before dance
  • Emergency number for Golf Course 435-1740 or Community Center 522-7342.
  • Place website on bottom of invitation:

If desired, Social Chair will supply past invitations as samples.

The invitation needs to be approved by the Board and should be e-mailed to the Social Chair Couple 5 weeks before the dance. This allows several days in the event revisions are needed.  The final invitation needs to be e-mailed to the Secretary 4 weeks before the dance for e-mail distribution to members (and wait list couples for December and February dances).

Dinner Menu

The committee will discuss and vote on the two entrees to be served at the dance.  The menu for the Golf Course is provided in the Chair’s notebook.  This should include selection of a vegetarian entrée.  Currently the selections at the Golf Club are either vegetable risotto or pasta primavera.  They should also discuss side dish and dessert options.  Dorene Bailey prefers to get this information in an e-mail sent to her at  She can be reached on her cell phone at (619) 522-7914. She does not work on Mondays or Tuesdays.

It is optional to select varietals of wines to be served at the dance.  The committee may select one red varietal and one white varietal. If no preferred wines are selected, the caterer will make the selections (all wines that can be selected must be within the price of $20 per bottle as agreed upon by the Board).

The POC of the caterer for the Community Center is pending.  If your committee is assigned to have a dance at the Community Center, you will be provided with a Community Center folder of instructions to assist in the planning of your event.


The Secretary will provide the Reservations couple with an electronic Excel spreadsheet on which to enter not only member, associate, wait list, and guest couples attending the Dance, but also their menu choices. Therefore, the Reservations couple must have access to and be familiar with Excel software.

The Reservations couple should be available the weeks before the dance to receive reservation checks, dinner requests, and guest names; all of which need to be entered on the Excel spreadsheet.  Entrée selections should be entered as a number in the correct column.  Be sure to save all additions and corrections before closing the spreadsheet. For the Golf Club venue, the cutoff number of reservations is recommended at 120 due to size limitations. (Contact the Social Chair if you reach this number).

Please record the host member name for each Wait List Couple and a host name for all Guests.

The Excel reservation spreadsheet should be emailed by the Reservations couple to the Secretary each Saturday (after mail delivery) starting one week after the invitation was sent out to the membership.  The Secretary will email this listing to the members with a dance reminder each Saturday or Sunday. This will allow for any non-received reservations or entrée corrections to be identified and resolved by the cut-off date. The Secretary will emphasize that entrée choices cannot be changed at the dinner to assure that all members are served the entrée they ordered.

All reservations are due by 5 PM the Monday before the dance. Absolutely NOreservations or cancellations can be accepted after the deadline unless a late reservation can take the place of a requested cancellation with the same entrée choice(s).  If a couple misses the 5:00 p.m. deadine, they may be placed on a dance reservation wait list in the event of a last minute cancellation. People (with reservations) that find themselves unable to attend at the last minute can pick up their food the night of the dance.

On the Monday evening before the dance, you must email a copy of the completed reservations spreadsheet to the following people: Please fill in the names and the email addresses before leaving the committee meeting.

Committee Chair:(calls the caterer for dances at the Community Center and the decorations couple with counts).


Name Tag Couple: Name______________________Email________________

Place Card Couple: Name______________________Email________________

Board Secretary Couple: ______________

President Couple: ______________           Email: 

Social Chair Couple: _______                     Email:

The final count and the menu choices cannot be changed after the deadline to avoid disrupting the caterer and the Place Card couple.

A printed copy of the completed reservations spreadsheet and all checks must be given to the Treasurer by the Wednesday before the dance. Please alphabetize the checks in the order of the spresdsheet membership categories and verify the amounts. Please list guest names on appropriate checks.

If a check is made out to the Reservation Couple, cash the check and write a check to the Crown Club indicating attendee names.


Required decorations are centerpieces and place cards. The decorations are paid for with the $234, which is dispersed at the time of the monthly planning meeting. The Committee needs to stay within this budget.

Crown Club owns some decorations that can be used, including vases, mirrors, and glass votives (for which Committee must purchase candles). See inventory list. (Map included in Committee Chair notebook.)  Arrange with Social Chair to use any of these items. Because of limited inventory storage, any new decoration items purchased for the dance by the Committee need to be given away (perhaps to committee couples or to attendees by raffle, unless prior approval is given by the Crown Club board).

Table decorations should not obstruct the view across the table. Sand tablecloths and light green napkins are standard at the Golf Course. Other colors are discouraged because there is a charge of $1/person. Almost any color linens are available from Caterer of choice at the Community Center. Do not use glitter or other small particle decorations that cause clean-up problems.

Set-up on the day of the dance starts at 4:30 PM. Do not arrive before then. The Golf Course charges $175 if decorating starts any earlier. All Committee members are expected to help with set-up of decorations. Caterer will set the tables.

After the dance, all Crown Club owned decorations need to be returned to the storage unit.  The votive holders, vases, and mirrors must be cleaned before being returned.  The key is then returned to the Social Chair.

Place Cards

The Place Card couple is responsible for creation of tent cards for all members, associates, and guests attending the dance.  The first and last name of the guest is printed on the card, as well as indication of the menu selection.  This is done by the use of color-coded stickers placed in the upper right hand corner of the place card.  Colored stickers and place cards will be provided by the Social Chair Couple.  The entrée code is as follows:  Red = meat, Blue = fish, Yellow = chicken, Green = vegetarian.

It is a request from Dorene at the Golf Club that all place cards have a colored dot indicating the correct entrée.  The procedure at the Community Center is determined by the Caterer’s request with the majority entrée being left as a plain place card and the second and third entrée coded with a colored sticker unless requested otherwise.

The Reservations Couple will email a list of attendees and their menu selections to the Place Card Couple immediately after the rMonday reservation deadline.  The club is now providing Avery #5302 tent cards, which are designed to be printed from a laser or ink jet printer.  They should be printed in a large enough font so as to be readable in the low lighting of the banquet room.  The card stock and a format file sample will be provided to you by the Social Chair Couple.  Directions for printing are available at and in the box of cards.  Check and double check that the entrée selection is correct and clearly indicated on the place cards!  It is imperative that you are using the Monday night final reservation sheet as the final source of names and entree’s.

On the evening of the dance, the Place Card and Name Tag couples will work together to lay out the cards on the entrance table.  Having them ready in alphabetical order will speed up the process.  Guest cards are usually placed together with those of the host.  Cards and tags should be in place by 5:30 pm before the dance.  Members are not permitted to remove the place cards to reserve tables until 5:30 pm.

Unused card stock should be returned to the Social Chair by the Tuesday after the dance.


Get the nametags and basket from the Social Chair Couple. The nametags will be alphabetized in several storage boxes in a tote bag.

After you receive the completed reservation spreadsheet (and before the afternoon of the dance), pull out the nametags of the attendees. Make new nametags for guests using clip (not magnetic) plastic holders. If a member’s magnetic nametag is missing (which means it was not returned by the member), make a new nametag using clip (not magnetic) plastic holder.

Before making guest nametags, check the bag for previous guest tags as many guests are repeats.

For set-up before the dance: (1) Bring the nametags of those attending the dance in a separate container. (2) Leave the nametags of those not attending in the storage boxes in the tote bag. Bring the entire basket and all nametags to the dance location.

Arrange the attendee nametags in alphabetical order on the welcome table along with their place cards. Guest cards are usually placed together with those of the host. Put the tote bag with the boxes of nametags of those not attending under the table.

Leave the empty basket on the welcome table or prominent place for attendees to return their nametags as they leave.  At Community Center events, two baskets are needed: one on the bench outside the ballroom near the check in table and one on the bench down towards the bathrooms.

At the end of the evening, pick-up and take home the basket and all the attendee and non-attendee nametags.  The day following the dance, alphabetize nametags and pull all guest badges, removing card from holder and alphabetizing back into stack of guest cards.  Return member badges to boxes in alphabetical order.  When storing badges alternate badges so one magnet is up and the next magnet is down to create more space in storage boxes.

Make a list of missing nametags. Return all to Social Chair Couple.

Reception Table Couples

Couples assigned to the recetion table from 5:30-7:30pm will support the name tag couple and the place card couple when attendees arrive to pick up their place cards and name tags. Their role is to follow the Crown Club Standing Rules and not releasr=e the place cards to the attendees before 5:30 pm. Their role is to also help attendees if there us a concern about a missing place card or name tag ot incorrect menu entree.

Both the name tag couple and the place card couple should have the final Monday night reservation spreadsheet with them for reference. Both couples should also have extra nametags and place card supplies in case of needed corrections. The role of the reception table couple(s) is to support the name tag and place card couples so that, if they desire, they can return home to change with a return to the event by 6:30pm.

One couple can cover the second hour of 6:30 to 7:30pm. If all the attendees are accounted for, couples do not have to remain at the reception table.


New directories are prepared by the Secretary and are emailed at the start of each season to all members.  Printed copies are available at each Crown Club dance.  Please email any changes in your personal data (email address, home address, phone number) to the Crown Club Secretary.